Autocalved Aerated Concrete Block
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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block for residential construction is a relatively new product although light-weight concrete has been used for commercial construction for many years.

A. A. C. uses light-weight (~30 lbs./cu. ft.) pre-cast concrete blocks which are stacked and set using thin-set mortor and they are very easy to build with.

A. A. C. has a very high fire, insect and mold resistance.

These light-weight building blocks offer an R-value as high as 1.25/inch and they are available up to 14" wide.

Several companies produce A.A.C. block and they will ship to nearly any place in the world.

One of the newest LX&R Designs using A. A. C. can be seen here:

If you are interested in an A.A.C. home plan, contact LX&R Design for more information.

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