(The Gentle Way)



It is far more efficient to redirect force than to match it.

Aikido is not about power, but, rather control, timing and balance.
It is also useful to understand how the human body reacts.

When you have performed a task 10,000 times then will you begin to understand it.

Eventually your body will internalize your actions, then your body will know what to do without the need for the mind telling it.

One begins by learning to fall, think you know how ?

Having studied a sword form of Aikido previously, I found it necessary to first unlearn much of what I knew before I could begin to learn a new form - Fugagaki Aikido.



Black-Belt demonstration November 20, 1994.
The lady taking the fall is my mentor, Christine Bustos.


My instructors and friends - Aikido Masters Art Spearman (my Sensei),
and Chuck Caldwell (right), Arts Sensei and founder of
Windsong Dojo.
(Note color of Chucks Belt.)


Armando (strong, like bull), Mike (flys well for a big man) and Bob
aka 'The Three Musketeers', all achived Black Belt ranking on Nov. 20 1994.

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